here you are home…

Who has never dreamed of going on holiday and enjoying a unique family experience?

That’s exactly what the homes of Katy and Jack offer! Tailor-made holidays for the whole family from the youngest to the oldest, where everything, really everything is included!
As for you, you don’t need to worry about anything! All you have to do is enjoy yourself!

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The enchanters

What could be better for your kids than freedom? The freedom to choose their activities as and when they would like!
And more importantly, what could be better for you, parents, than the happiness of seeing your kids happy without having to plan how they will spend their days? Letting them have fun while you yourself enjoy! They will be near you every day but will be free to fully enjoy all the activities designed and developed just for them!

The enchanters, a tribe of lovely babysitters/facilitators one would dream of taking back home, will pamper all kids, from 4 months to 18-years-old, from 9 h to 17 h 30 and 20 h to 21 h (childcare proposed for those above 3-years-old when babies are already asleep, allowing parents to dine uninterrupted).

The holiday programme: great games, treasure hunts, cultural visits, cooking workshops, sports, swimming, diving contests, olympiad games, preparation of a small show at the end of the week and many more surprises!