The domaine de Châteauneuf is a real piece of Provencal paradise! The theme of this 18th century country house, located on an 18-hole golf course at the foot of the Sainte-Baume massif, is the great painters such as Picasso, Cézanne and Matisse who immortalised Provence.

You will be dazzled by this old house nestled in a verdant setting. On site, you will find an infinite number of activities to do with your family or friends. Explore the region on horseback, relax by the pool, perfect your swing or discover all the flavours of Provencal cuisine… In short, you have only to choose to enjoy the many pleasures which the Domaine de Châteauneuf has to offer.

What about the kids? Well, your kids will also be pampered by our enchanters, who will put together the most exciting programme possible! Golf training, pony rides, or manual and artistic activities, especially during the preparation of the weekend show. In short, the perfect mix for an unforgettable holiday!

Thanks to Cedric, your chef, you will have the pleasure of discovering the wonderful Provencal flavours that ooze thyme, rosemary or even wild thyme. You will love the variety of his proposals, appetizers around a game of pétanque, barbecued meat and seafood, and refreshing summer tartares… Yum!

Vos rooms

Domaine de Châteauneuf’s 40 rooms are distributed between the main country house, which has 25 rooms, and other small houses: the little house, the pink house, the blue house, and the white house, which all surround the main country house.

The typically Provençal decoration of these rooms will provide a change of scene for your family, in the country of the sun and cicadas…

The activitities

The Domaine de Châteauneuf is a haven of peace in the heart of Provence with entertainment for the whole family.

On-site activities

VTT / Vélo
Cours de cuisine à la provençale
Cueillette des tomates au potager
Jeux de société

Sports outings in the region

VTT / Vélo
Visites et baignades dans les calanques
Découverte des villages de la région
Parcours dans les arbres

... and cultural

Visite des sites culturels de la région
Découverte de l’atelier Cézanne
Balade en bateau
Visite d'Aix en Provence
Visite de Marseille en Segway

For your children

In the Domaine de Châteauneuf, Elodie and Bruno have everything to ensure that your kids spend an unforgettable holiday. First there’s the golf training, which will allow them, from age 6, to discover this outdoor precision-dependent sport! But they can also mount ponies, learn rock climbing, take tennis lessons, or develop their artistic talents while preparing the show held at the end of the week!

Adapted sports activities
for their age...

VTT / Vélo
Jeux à la piscine
Jeux collectifs
Parcours dans les arbres

... and activities
cultural !

Cours de cuisine
Cueillette des tomates au potager
Jeux de société
Théâtre pour la préparation du petit spectacle de fin de semaine
Visite d'Aix en Provence

A dedicated team
to pamper you

Your head chef, Magalie

Magalie is the chef who will ensure that your holiday will also be a culinary journey! He will choose fresh regional produce to prepare for you bouillabaisse and its aioli, home-made tapenades, or a good bull gardiane, dishes in which he will put all his heart. You will thus discover the typical and delicious Provençal cuisine!

As Elodie and Bruno receive you in a way that will make you feel at home, the bar will open, allowing you to create your own cocktails and to share a drink with family or friends at any time!

Your nanny

In order to enjoy a relaxed stay, your nanny will prepare all organisational aspects with you before your holiday begins … Questions about how to prepare your suitcase? Need a taxi to pick you up upon your arrival? She will answer all your questions and organise everything, so that once on site, all you will be left to do is to enjoy yourself!

She will let you put together your personalised programme with Elodie and Bruno because you will be able to better identify what you want to do once on site!

Your host couple

Elodie and Bruno are the hosts who will welcome you to the Domaine de Châteauneuf! With their smiles, their humour and their good mood, they will help you create a tailor-made programme for your holidays! Don’t worry about a thing, they will take care of everything!

The enchanters

A team of motivated enchanters at the service of your kids will be on site! They will devote themselves wholeheartedly to care for your kids and put together an unforgettable holiday. Golf, walks, cooking classes, preparation for the show held at the end of the week, and all this with a group of friends to share the pleasures… In a nutshell! Your kids will be in heaven! And no need to worry, child care is available for kids from 4 months to 18 years of age!

The enchanters will receive your kids every day from 9:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m., then facilitate night care from 20 h to 21 h to ensure you have dinner uninterrupted. During this time, the little ones under three can begin their night in their beds because a baby phone is available!

Sunday to sunday all-inclusive package,
really all-inclusive

Rates are inclusive of VAT, per person, per week

You and your children from 18 years
Starting from 2625€
Vos enfants de 12 à 17 ans
Starting from 1640€
Vos enfants de 7 à 11 ans
Starting from 1235€
Vos enfants de 3 à 6 ans
Starting from 1235€
Your children under 3 years
Starting from 850€
One child per family, aged under three, will be our guest, he/she will share his/her parents’ room or a room with his/her brothers and sisters!

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access to the domain

The Domaine de Châteauneuf is located in the village of Nans-les-pins,
40 minutes from Aix-en-Provence

By car
7:40 minutes from Paris
40 minutes from Aix-en-Provence

By air
The Marseille airport is located an hour from the Châteauneuf region

By train
The Aix-en-Provence TGV station is 50 minutes from the Domaine de Châteauneuf

Need a taxi to pick you up upon your arrival?
No problem, we will book you one!
We strongly recommend that you come to Domaine de Châteauneuf with your car (or a rental car) to ensure that you are independent and able to carry out your activities throughout your stay.