In an old farm built in the 19th century and completely renovated for your comfort, your hosts Marianne and Joel will be happy to welcome you and offer you the holiday of your dreams. An hour away from Milan, you will have the privilege of spending your holiday between the joys of the Lombard countryside and the Italian dolce vita.

With 60 rooms, the Cascina Erbatici will be a real piece of paradise for your family and friends. This house which has a human aspect is ideal for relaxing and discovering Italian culture.

On site you will discover a private lake ideal for pedal-boat rides, perfect your paddle practice,or share a two-person canoe ride. If you prefer to take advantage of the holiday to finish your novel or to simply do nothing, get comfortable in the canopy beds at the beach, which offer an unobstructed view of your family having fun in the lake. Situated only a few kilometres from Milan, you can also set out to discover this beautiful city, horse ride, or take advantage of one of the many activities our hosts propose!

The freedom that Cascina Erbatici offers is ideal for kids! 
 The enchanters will be alongside them to accompany them throughout the week during water games on the lake or during the giant scavenger hunts on the estate!

Who says Italy says exceptional cuisine. Our Chef, Simone, will be present during your stay to allow you and your children or friends to discover all the flavours of Italian cuisine.

The best varieties of rice such as “Carnaroli” and “Arborio”, to name but a few, are grown in Lombardy, and they are used to cook the famous Risotto: beet, pear, cheese, and alla milanese risotto, among many more. You will also enjoy meat cooked at low temperatures to ensure exceptional tenderness. Naturally, pasta will also feature prominently: pasta alla matriciana, cacio e pepe, pasta ripiene, ravioli with truffles, mushrooms and Fontina, and other well-known recipes such as lasagna bolognese.

Vos rooms

The Cascina Erbatici has 60 rooms distributed across four farms: “corpo A”, “corpo B”, “corpo C”, “corpo E”. You will find double and twin rooms (2 single beds 90 cm wide), triple rooms (3 single beds 90 cm wide), and two quadruple rooms (4 single beds 90 cm wide). We will also install a cot for your little one.

The activitities

The Cascina Erbatici is the ideal place to welcome families or friends.
In addition to the site’s beauty, you will find many exciting activities. Sports, culture or relaxation, you have only to choose!

On-site activities

Lac privé et votre cabane sur pilotis
Centre équestre au sein de la maison
Lits hydromassant

Sports outings in the region

Balade à vélos
Balade à cheval au bord du lac
Journée sur le Lac Majeur ou le lac de Côme

... and cultural

Visite de Milan et de ses musées
Découverte des villages de la région
Cours de cuisine à l'Italienne
Visite de la Chartreuse de Pavie

For your children

Your kids won’t see time fly with our enchanters! They will create memories that will last a lifetime and will meet friends with whom they will share unforgettable moments!

Adapted sports activities
for their age...

Jeux collectifs
Les jeux au bord et sur le lac
Jeux à la piscine

... and activities
cultural !

Cours de cuisine à l'Italienne
Jeux de société
Journée sur le Lac Majeur ou le lac de Côme
Visite de Milan et de ses musées
Théâtre pour la préparation du petit spectacle de fin de semaine

A dedicated team
to pamper you

Your head chef

Simone will do his utmost every day to ensure that you discover his culinary identity with typical recipes from his childhood. He will couple two typical cooking styles, i.e., North Italian cuisine which primarily features farm produce, and South Italian cuisine which is focused on seafood. A cuisine that is in keeping with family traditions.

As in all our houses, the bar is open and you have free access to the drinks in the fridge, allowing you to enjoy pleasant moments with friends or family over a glass after a nice summer day!

Your nanny

In order to enjoy a relaxed stay, your nannies will prepare all organisational aspects with you before your holiday begins … Questions about how to prepare your suitcase? Need a taxi to pick you up upon your arrival?
They will answer all your questions and organise everything, so that once on site, all you’re left to do is to enjoy yourself! They will let you put together your personalised programme with Marianne and Joël because you will be able to better identify what you want to do once on site!

Your hosts

Olivier and Sebastien will receive you with their smiles and their good humour. They will take care of you throughout your stay. They will advise you on how you can make the most of your stay at Cascina Erbatici and all the activities available on site or in the region.

The enchanters

To ensure they spend the holiday of a lifetime, entrust your kids to our enchanters. Don’t worry about a thing: let them enjoy themselves and discover all the wonders the Cascina Erbatici has to offer! All week long, the enchanters will propose an age-appropriate programme. This programme will consist of various activities, ranging from DIY activities to large scavenger hunts, not forgetting cooking workshops and the preparation of the weekend show! And no need to worry, child care is available for kids from 1 month to 18 years of age!

7-day all-inclusive package,
really all-inclusive

Rates are inclusive of VAT, per person, per week

You and your children from 18 years
Starting from 2079€
Vos enfants de 12 à 17 ans
Starting from 1419€
Vos enfants de 7 à 11 ans
Starting from 1199€
Vos enfants de 3 à 6 ans
Starting from 1199€
Your children under 3 years
Starting from 759€
One child per family, aged under three, will be our guest if he/she shares his/her parents’ room or a room with his/her brothers and sisters!

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How to get to Cascina Erbatici ?
Cascina Erbatici is located a few kilometres from the village of Voghera, approximately 65 km from Milan…

By car
45 minutes from Milan

By air
The Milan Malpensa airport is an hour and fifteen minutes from the Cascina
Milan’s Linate airport is an hour from the Cascina
With Easyjet you can arrive at both airports

You would like to visit all our homes? Italy, Spain, or even Provence?
It’s easy! Either by car or train from Milan to Rome or from Perpignan to Aix in Provence, or by air from Rome to Barcelona. Contact us!

Need a taxi to pick you up upon your arrival?
No problem, we will book you one!
We strongly recommend that you come to Cascina Erbatici with your car (or a rental car) to ensure that you are independent and able to carry out your activities throughout your stay.