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La Borghesiana Romana

Situated at the feet of the Castelli Romani, La Borghesiana Romana is a villa typical of the Roman countryside. This peaceful haven is bathed in sunlight all summer ! Nestled in an enclosed park 3 hectares in size, La Borghesiana Romana welcomes you to the edge of the Eternal City for 100% cultural and sporty holidays. 

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Borghesiana Room Chef Living room Garden

La Borghesiana Romana... 


The house is made up of 39 bedrooms and the theme of the house is the Olympic Games: 10 football pitches, 8 clay tennis courts, an outdoor pool and an Olympic pool...
Go and discover the history and wealth that Rome has to offer!

Imagine... a tranquil haven just 20 minutes from Rome city centre...
Imagine... living the Dolce Vita, Rome style!
Imagine... uncovering the Eternal City with visits every day that are just for you
Imagine... tasting authentic Italian cuisine cooked by your chef Enrico
Imagine... football and tennis training courses for you and the children
Imagine... discovering the Castelli Romani on your red Vespa
Imagine... huge nature treasure hunts and going to the Coliseum with the family...
Imagine... just relaxing on the lawn or by the pool

Everything is possible in your house in Italy !

A word from your host couple :

« IWhat a pleasure to welcome you to this magnificent Roman Villa surrounded by its Roman pines with an unbeatable view of the Castelli Romani hills! Come and enjoy the dolce vita way of life. » 

Cécile & Eric




Your rooms at the Borghesiana Romana

The Borghesiana Romana is composed of 39 rooms which are all situated in the principal house. There are rooms with a big bed or some twin rooms for your children (2 beds of 90 cm). Some rooms have a terrace : it will be indicated while you will reserve your rooms. 

The theme of the house is "the olympics games" and this is the reason why they all have a name of sporty : Roger Federer, Bradley Wiggins or for example Tatiana Gutsu. 

<p>Chambre double moderne</p>

"Modern" Double Room with terrace

A modern double room with terrace to enjoy sun. Bathroom is equipped with shower.

<p>Chambre double avec terrasse</p>

Double room with terrace

A modern double room with terrace to enjoy sun. Bathroom is equipped with shower.

<p>Grande chambre double avec terrasse</p>

Big double room with terrace

A big double room with terrace. Composed of a kingsize bed, possibility to add a bed for your kids. Bathroom is equipped with shower.


<p>Chambre double avec terrasse</p>

Double room ground floor

A ground floor double room. Bathroom is equipped with a bathtub. 

<p>Chambre twin 1er &eacute;tage</p>

Twin room first floor

A twin room with shower or bathtub at the first floor. Equipped with beds of 90 cm, it's perfect for your kids. 

<p>Chambre double 1er &eacute;tage</p>

Double room 1st floor

A double room with shower or bathtub at the first floor. 

<p>Chambre individuelle</p>

Single room 1st floor

Single room 1st floor

<p>Grande chambre double 1er &eacute;tage</p>

Big double room 1st floor

A big double room with shower or bathtub at the first floor. 

<p>Grande chambre twin 1er &eacute;tage</p>

Big twin room 1st floor

A big twin room, welcoming up to 3 kids ( 3 beds of 90 cm). Equipped with shower or bathtub. 

Sports activities...

At the Borghesiana:

  • 8 clay tennis courts

  • 10 football pitches 

  • Paddle tennis 

  • Bikes

  • Aquagym


Moments of pleasure...

  • Outdoor pool

  • Roman cookery classes 

  • Italian wine tasting


And cultural excursions in Rome and the surrounding areas

  • The Coliseum

  • The Vatican

  • The Borghese Gallery

  • Castel Sant' Angelo

  • Villa d'Este

  • The Sistine Chapel

  • And the discovery of the squares and foutains; Rome by night; a treasure hunt in Rome; a boat ride on the Tiber...

And for your children : sports instructors and the "enchanters"

  • Football course

  • Tennis course
  • Bikes

  • For musicians : singing, music, shows..

  • For curious types : fun discovery of Rome and its museums

  • For budding artists : painting, crafts...

  • And of course the "baby-enchanters" take in charge your little ones


Discover the eternal city-center



Tennis course



Cooking lessons with your votre Chef Enrico ! 


Your delicious dishes

Freedom... for children and parents when it comes to eating times and locations, but also in the variety of choices offered at our buffets and the selection of our delicious dishes all prepared by your Chef...

Share... with your family, with the Chef, and with the new friends you made during your stay here...

Pleasure... of being pampered whilst discovering the region's products and specialities ! 

At the Borghesiana... hmmm the Roman cuisine

Fiori de zucca fritti, corallera, abbacchio alla scottadito, saltimbocca alla romana, crostata di ricotta… Enjoy Roman specialties ... a real delight to southern flavors for your taste buds !

Enrico, your Chef



Miam miam ! 


Availability and rates at the Borghesiana Romana


From Saturday July 22th to Saturday August 19th 2018

 Price La Borghesianna

As always during holiday season, one child per family under 3 years old is our guest !

...and if you need to reserve a taxi from the airport or the train station, we will take care of it for you... Just ask us for the rates.



Check our availability and rates

To easily check our availability and to calculate a quote, click here...

Your "All-inclusive, troublefree" package

  • Rooms
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch at the Borghesiana Romana
  • Snacks and all drinks at the bar or at your table
  • Dinner
  • Leisure activities at the Borghesiana
  • Visiting Rome and it's museums
  • Outside pool
  • Tennis / intensive training courses 
  • Football / intensive training courses
  • Bikes for adults and children
  • The Castelli Romani with your Vespa
  • Italian wine tasting
  • Roman cookery classes
  • Aquagym
  • Badminton
  • Ping-Pong
  • ...


And for your children... sports instructors and "Enchanters"


  • Intensive training courses of football and tennis, swimming lessons,... 
  • For musicians : singing, music, shows...
  • For budding artists : painting, crafts...
  • For curious types : fun discovery of Rome and its museums : living with the Romans, the secrets of Michelangelo, Emperors and gladiators, ...

... and for the tiny ones, from 0 to 3 years old, the warm care of our "Baby-Entertainers"

So that all your little ones enjoy their holiday as much as you do, our "baby-entertainers" have prepared a gentle program...

  • Activities to stimulate their activity and motivity
  • Games to test the senses for the older ones
  • Walks and games 
  • DIY and creative workshops
  • Songs and musical awakening
  • Awakening body movement
  • Savouring of delicious little dishes prepared by the Chef
  • Siesta and snacks

And for your young children...

At the Borghesiana Romana we supply high-chairs, push-chairs, baby carriers and toys for children of all ages, as well as a "mum's corner" where you'll find a baby-bottle warmer, microwave and any material you may need to help prepare bottles or meals for your babies. In case you run out of nappies, we will b

Things to bring with you...

...When you're packing don't forget to bring swimming costumes, sunglasses, sun cream... and for the evening and dinner, some comfy clothing. 



How to get to the Borghesiana Romana ?

The Borghesiana Romana is situated only 25 minutes away from the center of Rome.

By car

25 minutes away from Rome.

Print your access plan with 

By plane

Ciampino airport is 25 minutes away from the Borghesiana
Fiumicino airport is 55 minutes away from the Borghesiana

You want to make a tour in our houses? Italy, Spain, Switzerland? 

It's easy! Contact me!

You need a taxi for your arrival? 

With pleasure we will reserve it for you! 






Access plan


To reach the Borghesiana Romana : 

Cécile and Eric, your host couple



Les maisons de Katy et Jacques
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00132 Roma (RO)
T: +39 06 79 25 71

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