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Why the Maisons de Katy et Jacques ?

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The recipe of your holidays

Katy : "I can remember a time when we had to be quite cunning, so that, once we were at table, David got something to eat straight away. The maître d’hôtel of the famous hotel just could not understand that a 3-year-old can’t wait until the drinks, nibbles and starters have been served and eaten to finally start eating himself. Yes, it was good, splendid, even luxurious but everything was spoilt because David just didn’t want to know and would not sit still on his chair.

On the second night, I called the restaurant from the room and said: “right, we’re coming down; will you please order pasta from the kitchen for my son”, but even that didn’t work, the place just wasn’t programmed to do that".

Jacques : "And do you remember when we stopped in that lovely place near Avignon? We chose it because on top of a good menu and first-rate facilities, it also had a super swimming pool. It was so hot that we were already looking forward to it for the kids. They were going to be able to cool down and have a swim. Unfortunately, we were constantly had to stop them from diving, laughing, shouting and splashing. Getting them an afternoon snack by the water was simply impossible, because they only did salads! Oh, and the Jacuzzi: it was covered with a thick cover to save energy, which the kids just couldn’t possibly take off. So obviously, if the parents weren’t there, they couldn’t use the Jacuzzi! Shame really, because it was a very nice place with a small shady courtyard only 5 km from the town centre".

Katy : "I really liked that luxury hotel just above Florence … The decoration was so nice, and it had an overflow pool, a waterfall and a garden overlooking the town. And what’s more neither the staff nor the other clients glared or looked the least bit disapproving … the children played to their hearts’ content in the pool. And at dinner, they would already be eating their main course while we were still eating the nibbles. But at 1,500 a night, we couldn’t afford to stay long."

Jacques : "That’s why, the year after, we chose to go to a holiday village! The kids loved it and we didn’t have any worries, there were monitors, the place was protected and we didn’t have a thing to organise. Great!... For them, yes. But I have to say that after three days I’d had enough of the same buffets, the people, those great big, noisy dining rooms."

Katy :"Last year we rented a house. On the first night it was burgled and so we found ourselves without any cash. On the third day there was a problem with the swimming pool. The whole week was taken up organising the kids’ sports activities, then taking and fetching them every day, on top of the shopping! Oh, we were very busy with all the organisation, but what happened to our holiday?"

Katy and Jacques

So now guess why we decided to create our own holiday concept : for us, for our children, and for all those who have had similar experiences.

Here is our manifesto :

  • So that no one looks you up and down if you dress casually for dinner
  • So that your children can enjoy themselves without causing a stir
  • So that you can enjoy delicious meals without being rushed by your impatient kids
  • So that you enjoy yourselves as much as your children
  • So that your children enjoy themselves as much as you
  • And all that in a friendly, generous, simple and warm-hearted atmosphere, far away from the crowds
  • So that you don't have a thing to organise

...And so you are sure you won't spend more money than you can afford

For all those reasons we created " Les maisons de Katy et Jacques"


 Katy et Jacques

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