here you are home…

Enjoy it all, we take care of the rest


Our teams are at your service. They will be beside you throughout your experience, ensuring that you have nothing to think about, nothing to manage, just to enjoy!


Entrust your kids to our enchanters and let them marvel at the programme prepared for them, alongside their group of friends!


The host couples warmly welcome you to their homes: get comfortable in the lounges, serve yourself a cold drink, settle down and relax...

Katy’s and Jacques’s homes A one-minute presentation

7-day packages where everything,
really everything is included

Your stay, your relaxation activities, cultural and sports activities within the program proposed by the hosts couple, tasty dishes prepared by your chef, all your drinks at the bar and at your table, entertainment for your kids...
All this, to ensure you do not spend more than what you had in mind!

The host couple helps you personalise your programme and accompanies you throughout your week-long stay ensuring that all you have to do is enjoy the moment...
Right from breakfast and up to dinner, the chef will treat you to regional cuisine prepared from fresh produce.

And we won’t forget your kids! The enchanters will take care of your kids (from 1 month to 18 years) by offering them delightful age-appropriate programmes!
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Katy’s and Jacques’s

Here's our manifesto for the family on holiday:

To ensure that nobody looks at you oddly if you come for dinner dressed casually
To ensure that your kids can express themselves without making a scene
To ensure that you will be able to taste the delicacies without being rushed by your
kids who don’t want to wait
To ensure that you enjoy as much as your kids
To ensure that your kids enjoy as much as you do

in all conviviality, generosity, simplicity, and tenderness, away from the crowds
To ensure that you have nothing, absolutely nothing to organise
... And to ensure that you don’t spend more than what you had in mind.

These are all the reasons that made us build
"The homes of Katy and Jack"

Discover the homes

Enchanters for kids from 1 month | + 85 activities | 650km of ski slopes
All-inclusive package | Regional products daily | And more...